Are South Korean Women Vain

Are South Korean Women Vain

Sure Korean women are beautiful, but they are apart of the vainest society I have ever seen. And it doesn’t stop with them. The men are just as bad. I always crack up when I see someone walk by any reflective surface and they stop to take a look at that one hair that might be out of place. Or to check to make sure their makeup is just right. I never would have thought that was so important to teach 11 year-olds, but I have been proven wrong. Any and every reflective surface is used as a mirror here, but you have to give it to their creativity at times when they are trying to see their own reflection.

It’s also about how they dress. They wear high heels everywhere. I have seen them just about every place I go, even hiking. They wear them non-stop with their short skirts or shorts. They teach them early too. As much focus as they put on education here, it seems its almost as important or more so, to look attractive.
Guys at the gym are funny too. They can’t workout without a mirror, or two, or three. They will watch the mirror as they are doing their exercise to make sure they are doing it not necessarily correctly, but that they are looking good doing it. They will stop and fix their hair between sets. It’s quite the sight.

Society here is less about who you are and what you do, than it is about what you look like doing whatever it is you do. Appearance is everything. Appear to be rich, and you are thought highly of, and it reaches over into the workplace. Appear to work, and you must be a great worker. It’s not about what you accomplish, rather what it looks like you might accomplish by staying later than anyone else.
Sure I know there are people like this everywhere, but it’s typically not the norm. Here it is. You can see the vanity walking down the street, going to the grocery store, or basically anywhere you look. I don’t mind it because I know this is not where I will stay forever even though I do enjoy my time here. Plus it is always good for a laugh, or two, or ten a day.

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